We are so sorry to hear you are going through this. Please read this carefully and do all that you can to reach out and reunite with your pet. Please don’t leave your pet alone and in agony.

1Report the case

It is very important to spread the word that your pet is lost. There are some well known places for owners to report their cases. Please report your case to:

  • PetZone Lost & Found: submit a picture of your pet and specify all pet details here. A lot of citizens keep an eye on this page.
  • Animal rescue groups: contact them regarding your pet and they’ll keep an eye on incoming rescued pets. They will contact you if someone brings it to them. (Contact KareQ8  via email or phone and they will gladly post it for their followers on Twitter, Instagram, and their site.)
  • Animal shelters: contact them regarding your pet and they’ll keep an eye on incoming rescued pets. They will contact you if someone brings it to them.
  • Police station: only if you have proof that your pet is stolen, go to the nearest police station and file a case of theft.
  • Local boards: check if your area has a post-it board at the local Co-op (supermarket). You should make a flier and post it there, or on close-by light poles.

2Search for it

Now that you have reported your case, you can proceed with searching for your pet yourself. Please don’t just sit at home and hope that someone will find it and return it. Some people keep animals if found or stolen, and others sell them. It is your duty to go out and find your poor lost companion.

Neighborhood search

  • How?

    Go for a walk! You can make it more productive by calling your friends and family members into it by arranging an immediate search party. Be ready for serious, careful searching! Don’t forget to call for its name, cats and dogs can recognize their names and owners’ voices which may be a reason to come back running to you. In case you spot it, do not run after it, you may scare it and cause it to flee; approach it steadily.

  • Where?

    Start off with your residence a couple of times swiftly. If you’re positive it’s not within the limits of your home, proceed. You don’t want to waste a lot of time inside the parameter if it actually went outside. If you are alone, you’ll have to traverse the neighborhood and then the block. If you have people helping you, split up individually or by groups upon every road fork starting off your neighborhood. If you’re used to walking your pet along a specific path, follow that route first yourself and keep your eyes open. Also, keep in mind the personality of your pet whether it’s timid or bold, you may get a hint whether it would try to hide close-by or walk far.

  • When?

    Going searching for your pet only once is the bare minimum. You need to go out as soon as you confirm that it’s missing. Hopefully, you’ll find it soon. If you don’t, don’t feel defeated as you may find it at home (whether it returns or comes out from its new hiding place). If you get home and still don’t find it, schedule another searching session. This one depends whether your pet is a cat or dog.

    • Cats: cats’ energy and instinct for hunting peak at sunrise and sunset. It’s in their blood that they hunt at these times and it’s very likely that they would be wandering around searching for mice to prey on or sources of food during that time. It would be best if you could go searching during these periods around your block. These periods are short, so you need to jog! Don’t forget to pay attention to any slight movements and sounds you may see or hear.
    • Dogs: if you take your dog for walks on a regular basis at a specific time, try to go out at that time and search along the same route you usually take. It is more likely to find your dog there during the accustomed time periods.

Friday market search

Although it is sad, it’s true; people tend to try to make money off found and stolen animals. For that reason, you will need to go visit the one most common place for selling animals: the Friday market[MAP]. Go there and search for your pet. Be patient and look carefully. In case you find it, do not attempt to get into an argument with the person. Instead call the police and and provide your proof whether it’s a set of pictures or a microchip number.

3Keep checking

Keep checking PetZone’s Lost & Found page and KareQ8 Instagram account just in case someone reports a found pet. Also, keep revisiting the Friday market.

We hope you reunite with your pet soon. Best of luck.