You reaching this page is a sign of your compassion and care for animals. Helping a lost pet to reunite with its owner or rescuing it makes you a hero. Please allow us to guide you through some steps to help this poor lost animal.

1Check for a name tag

Carefully inspect the pet neck for a collar. In case you find one, possibly hidden under neck fur, check if there’s a tag with any contact information. Here’s what you may find on a tag:

  • Name of pet
  • Address of owner
  • Phone of owner
  • Veterinary Hospital name
  • Microchip ID (long sequence of digits)

In case you find an address or phone number, please get in touch with them ASAP. as they’re probably worried about their lost pet. However, if you found a vet hospital name, try to contact the hospital and see what they may suggest; the pet may be registered in their system and they may be able to track back the owner. Lastly, if you find a microchip number, all you need to do is calling Kuwait veterinary hospitals, animal rescue groups, and animal shelters and check if that microchip number is in their registry. If the animal was microchipped here in Kuwait, the pet will be registered at one of these places.

2Check reported cases

No worries, there are still other means to find the owners. Now, since most probably the owners would be looking for their pet, it’s time to check if the animal is reported missing. You could look for a reported case at:

  • PetZone Lost & Found: check the latest entries and see if the pet you found matches any case.
  • KareQ8 social media: they often post lost-pet posts if they’re contacted. Check their Instagram feed.
  • Local boards: check if there are any fliers posted at a post-it board at the local CO-OP (supermarket). Also keep an eye open for close-by light poles and signs in case any lost-pet fliers are hung onto them.

3Check for a Microchip

Now, if you have time we would strongly advise you to not skip this step, just postpone it if you must. You need to check if the pet is microchipped. In case you don’t know what a microchipping is and you’d like to know, allow us to explain it:

Microchipping is an optional digital supplementary component that’s injected below the skin of a pet which holds a unique microchip identifier number for identification purposes. A microchipped pet can be identified by having him scanned with a microchip scanner.

The most convenient place you would find in Kuwait City to have a pet scanned is PetZone pet shop[MAP]. Just walk in and ask the cashier to scan the pet for a microchip and they’ll gladly do it for free. If you want to take it to a vet instead, it’s up to you. All that matters is that if it beeps and a microchip ID does show up, please have it written down and double check it please.

This is very important because this may make it possible to track back the owner with this information. Once you have the ID you can try contacting all microchip registries (vets, rescue groups, and shelters) and see if they have a match. If they do, they’ll contact the owner on your behalf and help out with the reunion process.

4Report the case

It is very necessary to spread the word that you’ve found a lost pet. Please report it to:

  • PetZone Lost & Found: submit a picture of your pet and specify all pet details here. A lot of citizens keep an eye on this page.
  • Animal rescue groups: contact them regarding the pet and they’ll gladly advertise the case. They will contact you if they get contacted. (By sending a picture of  the pet to KareQ8  via email or phone, they will gladly post it for their followers on Twitter, Instagram, and their site.)
  • Local boards: check if your area has a post-it board at the local Co-op (supermarket). You should make a flier and post it there, or on close-by light poles.


At this stage we would personally suggest you keep the pet with you for a couple of days as the word spreads and hopefully you get contacted. However, if you cannot care for it for the time being whether its an allergy or housing issue, you may proceed with the following step.

6Rescue or surrender it

This is the last resort, sadly. You are a hero and we know that for sure! Thank you for doing all that you could to help the poor pet. So, the last resort choices are:

  • Keep the pet (adopt or foster)
  • Surrender the pet to a shelter

We would tell this to everyone: no place is like home for a pet but an actual home; shelters, no matter how good they are, remain shelters and not spas or hotels. It would be best for the pet to stay with you, with a relative, or with a friend whether it would be temporary or permanent. However, if you cannot afford the expenses or the responsibility, the second best thing would be to surrender it to K’S PATH animal shelter. Please don’t leave it stranded on the streets.

7Keep checking

Keep checking PetZone’s Lost & Found page and KareQ8 Instagram account just in case someone reports this pet lost.

We would like to thank you for doing all that you could to reunite
this pet with its family. We wish to see
more heros like you.